In 1947, the winds of hope and promise drift across the country.  College Enrollment soars to an all-time high of 6.1 million as more than 4 million returning veterans use their new opportunities for education, housing, and business provided by the GI Bill of Rights.  Miracle on 34th Street premieres, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day and Perry Como lead the way on the hit parade, and A Streetcar Named Desire opens on Broadway.  The average salary in America is $2,589.  Sugar rationing ends, sparking an enormous increase in ice cream consumption.  In Arlington Heights, Faith Lutheran Church is established, and the new congregation holds its first service at the Arlington Heights Field House on February 23.  A week later, Sunday School classes meet for the first time.  The church is named “Faith Church” on March 3, and officers are elected.  Pastor Edgar Behrens is installed as pastor on September 14, preaching his first sermon a week later on Sunday, September 21.  On Palm Sunday in 1948, the first Confirmation class is confirmed.  On June 13, ground is broken at the site of the new home of the church, and on September 13 the cornerstone of the church is set in place.  On September 25, 1949, the new Faith Lutheran Church is dedicated.  An education building is added to the church in 1960.  Further remodeling was done in 1966 and again in 2000 to modernize the educational building and sanctuary.   In 2004, the Rev. Thomas Sanders was called as the Director of Growth and Renewal. In 2006, Pastor Tom was officially installed as our Pastor.  In October 2013, Faith launched a brand new preschool called Lambs of Faith Early Childhood Center.  Beginning with just 13 students in 2013, the school has grown to an enrollment of over 60 children by Fall 2016. On July 26, 2020, Faith installed its new Senior Pastor, The Reverend Michael A. Johnson, Sr. to lead us into the 21st Century. Today we enjoy the winds of hope and promise again, as we communicate the love of God as it is manifest in His Son, Jesus Christ, and share this love through our actions with all people everywhere.

Faith Lutheran Church's national affiliation is with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS), English District.  The LCMS, with headquarters in St. Louis, numbers 6500 congregations in the United States.  Through our affiliation with LCMS, we support mission work in 35 foreign countries and train pastors, missionaries, church workers, and teachers to staff the largest Protestant system of parochial grade schools and high schools in the United States.