NEW in January 2021! 
Faith Lutheran Church and Lambs of Faith Early Childhood Center STEAM Kits 

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

When: Thursdays at 10:00am or 1:00pm (same activities)

Where: On Zoom-Meeting Code is the same as regular class. (pick up STEAM kits the same time as regular Preschool Kits at Faith Lutheran Church)

Cost: $60/month or $15/day *If you pay by day, please email Mrs. Jori and let her know which date you would like to participate in, so we give you the correct materials. 

What: If you purchase a STEAM kit, you will receive supplies and directions needed to complete the activities listed below. Your child will also be able to participate in LIVE Zooms on Thursdays at 10am or 1pm with Mrs. Jori to complete the activities. 
*You do not need to be enrolled in Regular Virtual Preschool and Take-Home Kits to participate in STEAM kits but you are welcome to do both! Invite a friend!

Week 1: January 7, 2021: Science 
Activity 1: Snowball Launcher (cup, balloon, white pom poms) 
Activity 2: Ooblek (bin, corn starch, water)

Week 2: January 14, 2021: Engineering & Science 
Activity 1: Snowflake Structures (toothpicks and mini marshmallows) 
Activity 2: Sledding Ramp (card stock, unifex cubes, bottle top) 

Week 3: January 21, 2020: Art 
Activity 1: Directed penguin drawing (paper, crayons, and water color paints) 
Activity 2: Sparkling Winter Paintings (thick paper, blue and white paint, Epsom salt) 

Week 4: January 28, 2021: Math & Engineering 
Activity 1: Snowflake Symmetry (square of white paper, scissors (from home)) 
Activity 2: Tallest Snowman (large marshmallows, small marshmallows, toothpicks, and ruler in kit, markers from home) 

Click here to download a flyer, regarding our January 2021 STEAM Kits